Benefit Maximization

AHRA/RHA Optimization

Social Security Analysis

PBGC/CPRP Pension Maximization

MetLife Insurance Review

Military Benefit Planning


  •  What is the difference between the FSA, HSA, AHRA and RHA? Which one(s) should I be using?
  • How is my CPRP lump sum calculated? How does my retirement date impact the amount of my lump sum?
  • When should I turn on my Social Security benefit? How about my spouse?
  • What is PBGC pension maximization?
  • How much should I have in my RHA at retirement? What if I have Tricare?
  • How much life insurance do I need? What type of policy is best for me?
  • Should I keep my MetLife Group plan in retirement?
  • Should I be doing Pre-Tax, Roth or Pilot Voluntary Post-Tax contributions into my PRAP/PCRA? What is the difference?
  • What is a backdoor Roth contribution? Am I eligible?
  • How does my vacation forfeiture work with my PRAP/AHRA?

Our holistic financial planning approach allows us to help you plan with a focus on optimizing the present while also keeping a long-range perspective. We take the time to understand both your short-term and long-range goals. We will help you evaluate the delicate balance of optimizing your savings while also fully living in the present.


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