Retirement Income Planning



Cash Flow Management

Roth Conversion Analysis


  • Am I saving enough money?
  • Where is the best place to save?
  • How does Social Security work? What are my options and when should I apply?
  • What is the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation (PBGC)?
  • When should I turn on my PBGC benefit?
  • Which PBGC survivorship election should I choose?
  • Should I convert my pre-tax PRAP to Roth? How much?
  • How does my income impact Medicare premiums (IRMAA)?
  • Should I roll my 401k into an IRA/Roth IRA?
  • When should I plan to draw income from my PRAP? How much?
  • When should I apply for my CPRP?
  • How is my CPRP lump sum calculated?
  • Should I take the CPRP lump sum or the annuity?
  • How can I reduce my Medicare premiums at retirement?

Saving for retirement can be overwhelming. It can feel like you are climbing a mountain with the summit being the day you retire. However, in reality, similar to your retirement day, the summit does not mark the end of your journey but rather a milestone along the way. Sometimes, the most challenging and most difficult part of the journey is the climb down.

We have found that most missteps in a financial plan occur during the retirement years, or the climb down the mountain, when savings are being converted to spending. We focus on designing a retirement income strategy to appropriately coordinate your social security income, pensions, and savings to guide you both up and down the mountain safely.

A successful climbing expedition takes more than just showing up with gear and a map. It requires you to carefully plan your route and prepare for the unexpected. Like retirement income planning, a strategy to optimize both the short-term and long-range is important in achieving a desirable outcome.

Additionally, when comparing retirement planning to mountain climbing, it is important to note that “safety” is not just about physical safety, it is also about emotional well-being. In the context of our airline pilot retirement planning, the emotional component of knowing you have an effective plan and strategy in place will help you and your family tremendously. We take pride in the fact that we have heard countless times that our plan helps our clients sleep at night.

Throughout our long-range relationship, we will communicate with you regularly to discuss your goals and objectives to make sure that your retirement income plan aligns with your spending goals.


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