Our Story


Jaclyn Gruber and Chuck Allison founded LRC Aviation Advisors, a division of Oarsman Capital, to focus on high-quality, customizable, and comprehensive financial planning for pilots and their families. Jaclyn and Chuck have worked together for many years dating back to their time at Cleary Gull Advisors and Johnson Financial Group helping build the Pilot Program. They have helped hundreds of pilots and families accomplish their financial goals. LRC Aviation Advisors was created to carry on the legacy of providing specialized financial planning to the pilot community.


We believe financial success starts with aligning your investment strategy with your financial goals. That is why LRC Aviation Advisors joined Oarsman Capital. At Oarsman, every portfolio is designed to reflect each client’s unique investment objectives, risk tolerance and priorities. Our proprietary approach to financial planning and investment management helps clients synergize their portfolio with their specific goals and objectives.


While many advisors try to be everything to everyone, we believe that the best way to serve the airline community is to only focus on pilots and their families. This ranges from new hires, to those nearing retirement, to pilots currently in retirement. LRC Aviation Advisors was created to be exactly that – a business that puts pilots and their families at its core. Our expertise on airline benefits and retirement strategies helps our clients accomplish their goals, both near term and Long Range.

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