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  • What is the ideal asset allocation for me?
  • How often should I change the level of risk in my portfolio?
  • How much stock should I own in my portfolio once I retire?
  • Why should I own bonds in my portfolio?
  • Should I own gold, silver, or any other commodities/alternatives in my portfolio?
  • How much cash should I have outside the market?
  • What account size do I need to hire an Investment Advisor?
  • Is my portfolio aligned with my financial goals?

We believe an essential element of investment success is to establish a true partnership between the client and our financial planning and investment team. An integral part of this is fully understanding each client’s unique circumstances. At the outset of each relationship, we focus on understanding your investment objectives, appetite for risk, personal, and familial preferences. In conjunction with members of the Oarsman Investment Committee, we will construct and manage an investment portfolio and holistic financial plan tailored to meet your needs through a wide range of economic and market environments.

Investment Guidelines
Every Oarsman portfolio is designed to reflect each client’s unique investment objectives, risk tolerances and priorities. We focus on balanced, mindful investment management to achieve your financial goals. Our proprietary approach to planning helps clients find their optimal asset allocation. LRC Aviation Advisors and the Oarsman Investment Committee will create and adhere to an investment philosophy that will help you Find Your BalanceTM using our Oarsman BlueprintTM Strategy and/or Core+ Strategy.

Oarsman BlueprintTM Strategy
Blueprint portfolios feature strategic investments across asset classes, industry sectors and geographies to best maximize returns for the risk level you are assuming. Portfolios are model-based and range from low volatility, conservative plans to more aggressive approaches. We work with each client to understand their needs and identify a Blueprint portfolio structure that meets those goals.

Core+ Strategy
Each Core+ portfolio is customized for the client. The equity portion of the Oarsman Core+ Strategy generally holds a broad mix of individual stocks. We enhance the performance potential of the overall portfolio by adding complementary asset classes, such as international, small-cap and emerging market stocks, or other stock-based funds. Balanced portfolios include income-producing bonds and bond funds. Further diversification can be achieved by adding hybrid securities such as preferred stocks, high-yield bonds, inflation-protecting bonds, real estate investment trusts and natural resource securities.

Know What You Own
Prudent investing requires an understanding of what you own. Oarsman’s security selection allows us to tailor portfolios to individual client preferences, such as including or excluding securities of a specific issuer or industry.

Tax Efficiency
Securities are generally purchased with a long-range perspective. Low annual portfolio turnover, along with tax-efficient matching of gains with losses (when available), may lower your tax expense.


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