Estate Planning

Will &
Trust Analysis

Power of
Attorney Review



  • What happens to my assets if I die without a Will?
  • What is a family mission statement? Should I have one?
  • Should I have a Trust?
  • How should I have my beneficiary designations for my retirement accounts?
  • Should I have a Power of Attorney established? Healthcare Power of Attorney (HCPA)?
  • Should I start gifting money now? How much can I give tax-free in a year?
  • How can I most effectively make charitable donations?
  • How can I protect my Estate from taxes?
  • How can I protect my assets from creditors, predators, and divorce?
  • When is it appropriate to use a corporate trustee?

Many of us feel strongly that part of our purpose in this world is to have a positive influence on our family and our community. This can include our impact on our families, friends, charities, community, cultural or religious organizations, and much more. Sometimes this is accomplished through passing on shared values while other times this is through passing on financial resources. It is often assumed that estate planning is only for the old and wealthy, but estate planning should be addressed by everyone. Life will change through time, but having a plan in place today is important both emotionally and financially.

Estate planning is not only about the effective transitioning of our assets when we pass, but about instilling values and guidance in our loved ones. It can involve important decisions such as who cares for our children and who makes important financial, family and health decisions for us or our spouse in the event we cannot.

While estate planning is dynamic and full of change, we encourage you to start thinking through these decisions and communicating these wishes to your family and loved ones.


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